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Natural deodorant starter pack
Natural deodorant starter pack
Natural deodorant starter pack

Natural deodorant starter pack

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If you're a newbie to natural deodorant, this is a great place to start!

Some people find they experience a 'transitioning period' when making the switch from conventional store-bought deodorants and antiperspirants, to natural deodorant.

Antiperspirants are designed to block your sweat glands, so when you make the switch to natural deodorant your armpits may go through a bit of a detox process. 

During the detox process you may or may not notice a bit of odour which is completely normal, so bear with it, it gets better!

To help speed up your body’s natural detoxification process, you can use a natural clay mask on your armpits. We LOVE the Raw Bentonite Clay Mask from The Bentonite Co, which is 100% Australian Bentonite Clay.

What you get

  • One 40 gram tin of Natural Approach deodorant of your choice
  • One 40 gram sachet of Raw Bentonite Clay Mask
  • FREE shipping within Australia

To use

Simply mix 1 tbsp with equal parts water using non-metallic material and evenly apply to both armpits. You will feel a tightness sensation as the clay sets. Dry for 15-20 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Slight redness of the skin is normal and will disappear within minutes. You can apply this on a daily basis for a few days to detoxify those pits! If there's any leftover you can also use it as a face mask, it is amazing!!

Best way to open our new flat 40 gram tins:

  1. Lie the tin flat in your palm
  2. Twist open with your other palm

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