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Natural Deodorant Myths - Debunked!

We’ve all had the debate: stick to conventional deodorant or make the bold switch to its natural alternative? Which one actually works? What will it mean for my body?  Gemma recently...

It’s one of those never-ending, nonetheless ever-interesting, contentious debates between friends: stick to conventional deodorant or make the bold switch to its natural alternative? While there seems to be endless arguments for and against the two; which ones actually hold any truth? 

By ‘conventional deodorant’, I’m referring to that which contains aluminium (generally found on the supermarket shelf), also known as antiperspirants. These are the deodorants I’ve used for my entire adolescent life. After some research and encouragement, I’ve recently switched to natural deodorant. Unsurprisingly, testing out these products for myself has provided the most accurate, trustworthy and rewarding research! 

So, here’s what I’ve found are the most common myths about natural deodorant:

MYTH #1: Natural deodorant is NOT suitable for sensitive skin. 

A common ingredient found in natural deodorant is sodium bicarbonate (bi-carb soda). It’s known for its odour-absorbing abilities and therefore works to eliminate odour causing bacteria. It’s usually used to replace the aluminium present in conventional deodorants, which instead works to block your sweat glands. However, bi-carb soda is believed to cause redness, itchiness and scaly skin – especially to those with sensitive skin. 

As someone with sensitive skin – prone to redness, dryness and even eczema – this was always my concern. 

But to my surprise, I have experienced NO signs of redness, dryness or irritation from Natural Approach’s regular range (containing bi-carb), even after applying immediately after shaving! And for those still concerned, Natural Approach also provides a ‘Sensitive Body’ range (free from bi-carb). 

MYTH #2: For it to even work, you have to use a LOT MORE product. 

I commonly hear from friends: 

“Look, I do like the idea of using natural deodorant but…I just don’t think the natural ingredients will be anywhere near as strong and effective as the ingredients used in conventional deodorant. So, if I did make the switch, I’d be using WAY more product, right?” 

I’ve found that just from using natural deodorant, I’ve learnt a lot more about the properties of deodorants and the way in which our bodes sweat. For instance, the ingredients in natural deodorants are not necessarily “weaker” than those in conventional deodorants, but they simply work differently (targeting the bacteria found on our skin rather than blocking our ability to sweat). 

At first, I definitely DID NOT follow the recommended pea-size amount of natural deodorant. How could I when I was used to rolling on layers and layers of conventional deodorant? But I quickly realised that using more than this recommended pea-size amount was truly too much, and although a nice moisturiser for the surrounding skin, it’s totally unnecessary for further odour protection. 

MYTH #3: You will experience a horrifying detox period once you make the switch. 

This is arguably one of the scariest things to read or hear about when considering switching to natural deodorant - that turning to natural deodorant means subjecting yourself to an extremely smelly few weeks. The premise being that once you stop applying aluminium to your skin, and therefore, remove the aluminium barrier you’ve created, your body will begin to release everything it has been blocking off. 

HOWEVER, I’m here to assure you - it’s actually not as horrifying as you might expect. Personally, I’m not sure that I even experienced a “detox period”. I only had one experience where, after a short workout, I felt long drips of sweat rolling down the sides of my torso from my underarms. For someone who isn’t usually a heavy sweater, that was definitely a surprise. But with that being my only extra sweaty experience, with no added smelliness (my Natural Approach deodorant had continued to work its magic that day), I’m extremely pleased and genuinely impressed. 


Moving to natural deodorant has truly been an easy and simple switch. Of course, all bodies are exceptionally unique and I always encourage everyone to test out all products for themselves and to do their very own quality research. 

Hopefully my experience can help those who have read about these myths, and have become fearful of making the switch, to regain their confidence and give it go! (I know you won’t regret it!).


This blog was written by Gemma Aloisio, Lifestyle Beauty Blogger, Melbourne, Australia.

July 2020

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