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Natural Approach vegan lip balms are enriched with certified organic jojoba, sunflower oil and cocoa butter to soften and hydrate your lips. Made with 100% natural ingredients and essential oils, your bound to discover a 'flavour' you'll love. Vegan friendly. Handcrafted in Queensland, Australia.

Can kids use the lip balm?

Yes, our vegan lip balms are safe for kids to use. As with all skincare, we recommend a patch test before use.

What are they flavoured with?

100% pure essential oils, with many certified organic. No synthetic fragrances or flavours here!

My lips are very dry, will this help?

Our lip balms are jam packed with hydrating ingredients. If your lips are super dry we also recommend applying it at night before bed as a lip treatment.

What is their shelf life?

Once opened, we recommend using the lip balm within 12 months.