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Our applicators are especially handy for those of you who have long fingernails. Simply scoop out a tiny amount, then massage it into your clean, dry armpit until it absorbs.

Do I need an applicator?

If you have long fingernails a deodorant applicator can come in very handy to scoop out your deodorant. However, you will still need to massage it into your armpits. Many people just you their clean, dry, fingertips.

What are the metal applicators made of?

Our metal applicators are made from strong and durable zinc alloy. Rust resistant, high corrosion resistance, and recyclable. 

Will the metal applicators go rusty?

No. They are rust resistant, high corrosion resistance, and recyclable. 

How do I use it?

Use the spatula end of the applicator to scoop out a tiny amount of deodorant. Apply it to your clean, dry, armpits and massage it in with your fingertips.