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  • It's Time We Had a Chat: The Stigma Around Sweat

    Have you ever felt self-conscious about sweat? Have you ever thought about why?

    I think it's time we did. 

  • Sustainable Packaging: Which one is more eco-friendly?

    With so MANY types of packaging from recyclable to biodegradable - it's hard to know which one is which. I too, get stumped. In my newest blog, I'll give you the 411 on sustainable packaging and which ones are the most eco-friendly.
  • Is Your Washing Machine Making You Stink?

    You've done the washing, your clothes still smell and now YOU smell too.

    Where's it all going wrong?

    Okay, okay. Before the stress sweats begin, let's start at the beginning...

  • Benefits of Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil

    It’s no lie we are constantly looking for the next best thing in skincare, or an absolute miracle ingredient we all NEED to get our hands on!

    Australian Sandalwood has been used for many centuries for rituals and ceremonies. But only now we are releasing it helps promote glowy and radiant looking skin! ✨

    Jacinta discovers the amazing benefits this holy grail ingredient encases, and why she loves this particular oil! 🙌

  • Natural Deodorant Myths - Debunked!

    We’ve all had the debate: stick to conventional deodorant or make the bold switch to its natural alternative? Which one actually works? What will it mean for my body? 

    Gemma recently made the switch to natural deodorant and discovered some interesting truths to the most alarming claims about its use. 

    “I’m not sure that I even experienced a ‘detox period.” 

    Read as Gemma reveals the biggest myths about natural deodorant. 

  • 5 Reasons Why I Converted To Natural Deodorant

    Jacinta was one of 'those people' that snubbed their nose at the thought of natural deodorant. She was very sceptical about its effectiveness and wondered if it would actually work.

    Here, Jacinta shares 5 reasons why she converted to natural deodorant.