Mini Deodorant 15g

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These gorgeous mini tins are a fantastic way for you to experience our entire range of natural scents. They'll fit perfectly into your handbag, gym bag and are a great size for travelling. 

How long will it last?

Our mini deodorant tins contain approximately 3-4 weeks’ worth of application, based on one application per day.

Regular vs Sensitive – what’s the difference?

Our regular deodorant contains bicarb soda as the main deodoriser, while the Sensitive option contains magnesium hydroxide. If you have sensitive skin we recommend trying our sensitive skin range.

Can I recycle the tins?

Yes, our tins are infinitely recyclable. Many customers also repurpose them for all sorts of things including jewellery, hair ties, earphones, paint, pins, lollies, fishing hooks, the list goes on!

How do I apply it?

Simply scoop out a tiny pea-size amount of deodorant balm for each armpit and massage into your clean, dry armpits until it's fully absorbed.

Some people use their fingertips, while others prefer to use a reusable deodorant applicator (especially people with long fingertips).

We recommend applying it before you get dressed and wait a few moments for it to fully absorb before putting your clothes on. 

If you’re extra sweaty and stinky you can apply it at night before bed too.

And remember: LESS IS BEST!