Good for the Planet

We strive towards an eco-friendly, zero waste business

Every effort is made to reduce waste and minimise our footprint:

  • Our deodorants are hand-poured into reusable and infinitely recyclable food grade/cosmetic grade, aluminium plate screw top tins. They are 100% recyclable, or reusable (perfect for jewellery, fishing tackle, snacks, paper clips, paint...the list is endless!).
  • We reuse boxes to post large wholesale orders.
  • Customer orders are packed in 100% recyclable: e-flute, corrugated shipping boxes and Australian Post envelopes. 
  • Packaging materials are recycled from wholesale orders, including 100% compostable packing peanuts, kraft paper, and acid-free tissue paper.
  • We use brown kraft water-activated tape made from sustainable plants and non-toxic compostable resin, making it worm friendly.
  • We package products in brown kraft paper bags at local markets we attend. 
  • Ingredients are purchased in bulk when possible to reduce packaging waste. 
  • We aim to reduce single use plastic and recycle it accordingly if it's unavoidable. 

If you have any further suggestions to help us reduce waste and our footprint, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch:



    We NEVER test on animals!

    Prior to launching new products, we search for friendly humans to test our products and provide valuable feedback. We never test on animals and never will, just willing and fun loving humans. If you're interested in participating, feel free to join our mailing list and you might be testing our next product!