Making The Switch To Natural Deodorant

We can't wait for you to start feeling confident in your own skin - naturally, of course. 

We love that each of your bodies are different, and that's why it's common for all of us to have slightly different experiences when first making the switch to natural deodorant.

After years of creating and perfecting an effective natural deodorant balm, and listening to your feedback, we've collated our very best tips, tricks and advice for the best transition possible.

Underarm care is just as important as your everyday skincare

It's so important to keep your underarms clean if you want to smell good. After all, our sweat doesn't actually stink, it's only when it comes into contact with the bacteria on our skin that it can become a bit smelly. 

To help avoid this, we recommend using a loofah or hemp mitt in the shower to gently exfoliate your armpits. Start with exfoliating once per week to get in the habit of giving your underarms a little extra TLC.

We also love using the Raw Bentonite Clay Mask on our armpits (again, once a week) as a lovely softening detox. 

Use the right amount 

Many people think using natural deodorant means using a LOT more product when compared to conventional deodorant - and this just simply isn't true! 

A tiny pea-size amount for each armpit will effectively target odour-causing bacteria and keep you protected all-day long. Over-applying won't provide you with greater protection, instead you'll just be wasting the product and the excess could stain your clothes. 

However, when you first make the switch, don't hesitate to keep a mini tin in your bag if you feel like you need to re-apply throughout the day. You can always wipe your armpit clean in between applications.

Whatever makes you feel more confident - that's what we're here for! 

Best time to apply

You can apply your deodorant balm at night before bed, or first thing in the morning - or both if your a bit smellier than usual. Whatever suits you!

Simply scoop out a tiny pea-size amount for each armpit and massage it into your clean, dry armpits until it's fully absorbed. This is also a great time to get to know your body and check yourself for any unusual lumps and bumps - breast care is so important.

We also recommend applying your deodorant before you get dressed and wait a few moments for it to fully absorb before putting your clothes on. 

Just remember: LESS IS BEST!

All Natural Ingredients
Cruetly Free
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No Toxic Chemicals

Still a bit whiffy? 

Have you been using natural deodorant for awhile now and still notice you're a bit smelly? It could be your clothes...or washing machine!

Studies suggest that synthetic clothing can actually breed odour-causing bacteria - obviously not what anyone needs. 

Instead, look for natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp, wool and linen, as these don't hold hold onto the smell like synthetic fabrics do. 

You can read more about this on our blog

And of course, if you have any specific questions you'd like answered, please check out our FAQ's page or email Trace at