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5 Reasons Why I Converted To Natural Deodorant

Jacinta was one of 'those people' that snubbed their nose at the thought of natural deodorant. She was very sceptical about its effectiveness and wondered if it would actually work....


I was one of ‘those people’ that snubbed their nose at the thought of natural deodorant. I had speculations around using it, I remember thinking what’s the point? I doubted its performance and wondered if it would actually work. What about when I do a super sweaty workout at the gym, would I stink afterwards? 

From someone that was very sceptical about the effectiveness of natural deodorant, I decided to give it a go and find out why it was becoming so popular. I mean, what have I got to lose right? 

Here are five things I’ve discovered while making the switch to natural deodorant: 


Most conventional deodorants and antiperspirants available at your local supermarket and pharmacy contain potentially harmful ingredients. I would sometimes stumble upon reading the products label presented on the back, and see an ENDLESS amount of unpronounceable words and having no clue what these ingredients were and did. What was I actually putting on my armpits? 

After doing a bit of research, I found ingredients that can be harmful to our skin to include aluminium salts, parabens and synthetic fragrances. Whereas, I’ve found natural deodorant to contain real, non-toxic, natural ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter. 

It’s now clear to me why people have been raving about natural deodorant as well as the importance of looking after your skin, by using clean, natural ingredients!


Until not long ago I didn’t even know the real difference between antiperspirants and deodorants. After researching the difference, I discovered that antiperspirants actually block your sweat glands and stop you from sweating, whereas deodorants help to fight against body odour. Although antiperspirants keep you dry, they interfere with our body's natural cooling process and the potential release of nasty toxins. Ewww, right?! This had me starting to second guess the beauty of sweating! 




Since making the switch to natural deodorant, I noticed a massive difference in the texture of my armpits. Sounds weird but do you notice the texture of your pits, especially when using ordinary deodorant or antiperspirants? Conventional deodorants made my armpits dry and irritated, especially after shaving. Since using natural deodorant, my armpits are softer, smoother and feel more hydrated. I’ve even noticed how nasty razor bumps clear up so quickly!


I’ll be honest, I thought natural deodorant wouldn’t smell the best or just be very bland. But much to my surprise I was wrong! I was pleasantly surprised to discover they incorporate gorgeous essential oils, which smell amazing! It’s so good to know there is such a wide variety available, something to suit everyone's preference. So far, my favourite is the fresh scent of lime and lemongrass essential oils. 


It’s so good to know that natural deodorant companies don’t test on animals, which is fantastic for our furry friends. They only test on humans, like they should!


From being a massive sceptic, I can honestly say after using natural deodorant for a couple of months and researching its benefits, I’m now converted! I love using it every day and it’s far better than any ordinary store-bought deodorant I have ever tried. 

Although I may still sweat after a massive workout, I smell amazing. It even works wonders after a busy day at work! So, I’m pleased to say I’m NOT going back to conventional deodorants as this stuff actually works. I also feel a sense of relief knowing that I’m not putting nasty chemicals on my body or harming furry friends.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what deodorant actually made me convert, Natural Approach deodorants did! They are family owned and handmade in small batches in Mildura, Victoria. My personal favourite is ‘Bohemian’ which contains lemongrass, lime and patchouli essential oils - so fresh! Tracey, the founder of Natural Approach definitely knows her stuff, when it comes to making the perfect recipe in making your pits smelling great!

They also come in cute reusable and recyclable tins, perfect for keeping earrings in or knick-knacks. 


This blog was written by Jacinta Shephard, Lifestyle Beauty Blogger, Melbourne, Australia.

June 2020

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