Sensitive Skin Deodorant 50g

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While baking soda is renowned for its exceptional deodorising properties and is a common ingredient in natural deodorants, it can sometimes cause irritation, especially in sensitive areas like the armpits. To address this concern, we proudly introduce our 'Sensitive Skin' range, featuring marine magnesium hydroxide as a gentle and highly effective alternative. This specialised formula is tailored for individuals with sensitive skin, ensuring both comfort and effective natural odor protection.

Does this deodorant contain bicarb soda?

No. We’ve replaced bicarb soda with magnesium hydroxide, which is 100% naturally derived, and a gentle soothing deodoriser.

Many deodorants give me a rash, will this cause irritation?

We understand many people with sensitive skin find it difficult to find a deodorant that doesn’t cause any irritation. That’s why we formulated our Sensitive Body range. It’s very gentle, yet works a treat at eliminating odour causing bacteria. We use magnesium hydroxide as the main deodoriser, rather than bicarb soda. As with all skincare, we recommend a patch test before use.

How do I apply it?

Simply scoop out a tiny pea-size amount of deodorant balm for each armpit and massage into your clean, dry armpits until it's fully absorbed. Some people use their fingertips, while others prefer to use a reusable deodorant applicator (especially people with long fingertips). We recommend applying it before you get dressed and wait a few moments for it to fully absorb before putting your clothes on. 

If you’re extra sweaty and stinky you can apply it at night before bed too.

And remember: LESS IS BEST! 

Do you use synthetic fragrances?

No. We only use 100% pure essential oils from suppliers we trust. Many of the oils are also certified organic.