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Love Love Love - all the fragrances

For once a natural deodorant that works and leaves me feeling like I walk out of a day spa even after a hard days work.
Thank you for an amazing product!

Best natural deodorant I’ve ever used

Natural Approach is and continue’s to be the MOST effective natural deodorant I’ve ever come across and at the most competitive price too. Can’t recommend this product highly enough
Enjoy smelling fresh in all circumstances without poisoning your body :)

I love your products.

Hi Trace thanks for your products. I absolutely love them. The service is fast with delivery only taking a few days. I love that you have made them less grainy. The fragrances are nice and subtle. But I am always open to trying new ones. Thanks again

Mega Pack Deodorant - Bicarbonate Free

I purchased the trial size sensitive skin deodorants so I could one, try this natural product and two, try all of the range in terms of scents and ingredient combinations.
I was concerned that this deodorant wouldn’t cope with my post menopausal hormonal body but I was pleasantly surprised. I haven’t missed a beat and have transitioned from using a store bought strong deodorant to this beautiful product that has no nasties in it and works just as efficiently. I also purchased the applicator and find it great to use. I will be sharing this product with my family and friends. Could not recommend this product more highly to anyone wanting to make a healthier choice.


They are really good

The best friend for your armpits

I’ve been using Natural Approach for years now and swear by it! I feel and smell fresh all day and love how it lasts so long. The beautiful blends of scents make it hard to choose just one…so I don’t! I stock up on a variety!

great product

great product, works really well for my underarms

Love this product

Never have smelly armpits when I use this. Also, for me, the product lasts me ages. Love the smells and natual feel of it.

Yet another amazing product from Natural Approach

I'm gradually working my way through all of the beautiful scents of the Natural Approach deodorants and the Rosalina & Honey Myrtle is the latest one I've tried. It's just as effective as all of the other ones I've tried (the bi-carb free versions seem to suit me best) and I love the subtle, natural scent. The customer service at Natural Approach is always amazing, and this order was no exception. Highly recommended.

Sweet Orange & Cedarwood

Lovely fragrance

Loving it

Lovely scent, prompt processing and delivery. Happy customer

Customer service and product 10/10

I've been using NAA for years now and no other product I've used works as effectively as this. And customer service is second to none. When my recent order got lost in the post, Trace replaced and sent me an new order. Very kind and friendly service, a lifelong customer.

Product order

I have not received my order yet

50g - Rosalina & Honey Myrtle - Natural Deodorant

Top Quality

Generous scoop amount. Easy to use. Very pleased with product.

Hooray for fragrance free

I am so pleased to have found a fragrance free deodorant in a tin.

Great for young and mature users alike

I bought this scent for my daughter as her first deodorant. She likes the familiar scent of lavender and I love that she is only putting natural ingredients on her skin.

Fresh Scent for Summer

I love the freshness of this scent, it reminds me of summer. The moisturising formulations feels great on my skin even after shaving.

Australian Rose Deodorant

I have used this deodorant for over 12mths and it never disappoints. It has a delicate scent and the application is smooth and effortless.

Amazing product

I have been using these deodorant for a while now. They are the best natural deodorants i have tried. Highly recommend


I have been using a variety of natural deodorants for years, and Natural Approach is my new favorite! I use the bicarb free ones and they work so so well for me, even on the hottest days! Also, the scents are so so good! This scent is by far my favorite!!

10/5 Star Product for me!

I made the switch to Natural Approach Deodorant about 6 months ago. I have not once looked back and I never will! This product is a life-changer!
My whole life I have struggled with eczema, dermatitis, sensitive and in general moody skin. And guess what, it’s no longer moody haha!!
My arm pits are living their best life and I smell amazing 24/7 thanks to this amazing deodorant!
My wife suggested I try this product and I’m so happy I listened :)
I have tried all the bi-carb free scents, they are all lovely but this is my favourite!!

So delicious!

This new scent is so delicious! I love it. I’m already a big fan of the existing range. They smell so good, and feel wonderful to put on. I’m so pleased I found Natural Approach.

Baby gifts

This is the second time I’ve purchased nappy balms as part of a gift basket for friends who have had a baby. Both times, the Mums have said to me that the nappy balm is ‘so amazing’. I love giving gifts that are natural with no nasties in them.

Awesome Product

I have been using Natural Approach deodorant since its inception, I have a few favourite scents but they all work well, it is just a bit of fun to change up the scent with each order. My husband is now also using this product and loving how well it works. I use the bi-carb free range because of sensitivity, if you find that after using natural deodorant you get a rash it is quite common, just switch to the bi-carb free option. I had tried many different brands before finding this one and it is by far my favourite of all that I tried, hence years later I am still using it.