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Lifetime customer

These natural deodorants are incredible & work in every type of situation. I’ve been a long standing customer & will continue to be, knowing that I am not putting anything dangerous into my system while smelling incredible & keeping the perspiration at bay.

Thanks for your kind words Kim. So happy you're loving our new deodorant tube! Trace xx

Great product every time.

I have been using Natural Approach Deodorants for a number of years now and the dedication that the team has put towards making a sustainable product that actually works every time. I have never had any issues with Natural approach products and will continue to support their products in the future.

Hey Katie, thanks for your kind words - we appreciate you. Stoked you're still loving our products. Cheers Trace xx

I wasn’t to thrilled with the product In the cardboard canister. I’d prefer the product in the can.

Hi Annette, So sorry to hear you weren't happy with our new deodorant tubes. May I ask what it was you weren't happy with? All feedback is welcome as it will help me improve my products and services. Cheers Trace

Love the new deodorant tubes!

So happy you're loving our new deodorant tubes Anna! Thanks for your feedback, I really approecate it. Cheers Trace

Lovely natural products that work

I have been using the deodorants for a couple of years now and wouldn't want to use anything else. Lovely smell, easy to apply and it really works. Great to have always different scents to try.

Thanks Ash! I really appreciate your feedback. So happy you're loving our deodorants. Cheers Trace xx

Fragrance free nappy balm

Love the nappy balm. It’s so hard to find one that hasn’t got harsh chemicals. My baby has sensitive skin and gets nappy rash so I need something to help clear it up and at the sign of redness it does just that. I also don’t feel bad putting on a lot knowing there’s nothing dangerous inside, so loving it!!

Thanks for your lovely review, it's greatly appreciated. So happy the Fragrance Free nappy Balm is helping to clear up your bubs nappy rash. Trace xx

Hello Trace,
I liked the product that I bought.
But my daughters say that they perspire more after using it and has a wax smell.
Are they less?
Thank you.

Hey Andrea, so happy you're enjoying the deodorant. Sorry to hear it's not what your daughters expected. Our deodorants don't contain any aluminium salts, so they won't plug your sweat gland like anti-perspirants. They've been formulated to fight odour causing bacteria. From general feedback, many people have noticed a reduction in sweating, but it can take time, especially if you've made the switch from anti-perspirants. Feel free to contact me if I can assist any further. Trace xx

Exceeds expectations

I’ve been using Natural Approach for years now and it has never let me down. I have complete confidence in it. All the scents are lovely and not too strong. The consistency makes it easy to apply, not too thick and waxy like one of the other popular cream deodorants.

Thanks so much for your lovely review and ongoing support Jo-Ann. So happy you have confidence in our deodorants. Trace xx


I have been using Natural Approach for a few years now, I have my favourites, this one has joined my top 3 (I just can't pick a number one), the scent of this one is subtle and perfect, it works so so well, the weather has been hot and this has done the job perfectly, I think this would be a good unisex choice, thanks so much for keeping the quality in your product and giving us choices, you have a very happy customer in me.

Thanks for your amazing review Linda! I really appreciate your support over the years and so happy you're still loving our products. Trace xx

Metal Deodorant Applicator

Great little gadget - love it!

Thanks so much for your feedback Lyn! They're great for gently applying eye serum too xx

Love this product

Been using this for years now and still love using it. Apply it once per day and it never smells by the end of the day unlike many other products.

Thanks for your fab review Saba! So happy you're still enjoying our deodorants. Cheers Trace

Tube deodorant

I have found that the tube is no as easy to apply as the other. Seems a little hard and not sure how much is applied.

Hey Christine, thanks for your feedback regarding our new tubes. If you are finding it a little firm, I recommend holding it on your skin for a few seconds. This will slightly warm it & help it to glide easier. For best results, ensure you swipe it over the entire surface area of your armpit. I hope this helps! Feel free to contact me directly if I can help any further. Cheers Trace :)

Game changer

This new deodorant is an absolute game changer, I get to have the product I love in the way I prefer to have it - I'm a fan!!

That's great Trish! So happy you're loving our new tubes. Thanks for your lovely review. Cheers Trace

Best natural deodorant I have used!

Love this deodorant

Keeps me covered through all sorts of days, and the gym. I prefer the tin to the tube. The tube is great, I just like the contact and extra checking I can do by applying it with my fingers. Love the scent

Thanks for your kind words Melissa! Yes, I still love the tins too & the massage application method. We're stoked to be able to offer the tube option for those who prefer not to touch their armpits. Cheers Trace

Amazing product! Easy to use and no overpowering smell.

Very good product and so easy to use. No itchy nose for me.

So happy you're enjoying our deodorants Aggie! Thanks so much for sharing your feedback. Cheers Trace

Great product just got handier

I have used the Natural Approach products for a few years now and love them. The tube packaging is more conventional and appeals to my partner more, it is a little quicker to apply and anything to save time in the morning routine is welcome! Would definitely recommend!

Fantasic! So happy to know you're loving the tubes too Gemmma. Thanks for your ongoing support - we appreciate you. Cheers Trace

So handy!

Love this applicator, I live in a town that is cold most of the year and my deodorant can be hard to get out. This little guy has made life so much easier for me. Thank you!

Thanks for your lovely review Breannan. Stoked you're loving the applicator too. Cheers Trace

*NEW* 60g - Bicarb FREE Natural Deodorant Tube - Lemongrass, Lime & Patchouli

Fantastic product!
Super easy to use and fits perfectly in my handbag.
Another win from Natural Approach.
I've never had a reaction from any of these products.
Thank you so much.

Thanks so much for your kind words Tanaer! Stoked you're finding the tube easy to use. We appreciate your ongoing support. Cheers Trace

New Deodorant Tube

I've had the opportunity to use the new deodorant tube and it's wonderful. Smells so good, and easy to use..simply divine.

Awe, that's so great to know! Thanks for your fab feedback - stoked you're loving the tube too. Cheers Trace

Great effective product

I bought this to try because I get bad rashes each time my period comes. After applying it once the rash was much better and after the second application it was pretty much gone. It has a nice smell too.

Thanks so much for your amazing review! So happy our Lavender Nappy Balm is helping soothe your rashes. Thanks for your support. Cheers Trace

Peppermint, Spearmint & Tea Tree Natural Deodorant

I've been using Natural Approach deodorants for 4 years now. I purchased my first tin at a market in Renmark SA. I always had an annoying red itchy blotch near the crease of my armpits, I had tried sensitive roll-on deodorants but nothing relieved the itch. When I stopped at the stall selling the deodorants I thought "why not". So I gave it a try and within a week the previous itchiness was gone! A miracle! I did run out once and returned to a roll-on but the itch came back. I've made sure never to run out since, I've tried a few fragrances but the minty one is my favourite.
Well done Natural Approach.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience Leeanne. So happy our deodorants have helped you overcome your skin irritation. I really appreciate your ongoing support. Cheers Trace

Highly recommend

I’ve been using the tube deodorant for a few weeks and love it. It’s easy to apply and the coverage is fantastic. I exercise and sweat A LOT and this deodorant really does its job.

Awesome! So happy you're loving the tube too Erin. Thanks so much for your fab review. Cheers Trace

Soft & nourishing

The Spearmint Lip Balm is absolutely beautiful. The consistency is soft and smooth, and is long lasting. The spearmint gives it a gentle fresh flavour. A little goes a long way, ands the 10g tin lasts a long time. I’m looking forward to trying other flavours.

Yay, so happy you're loving our Spearmint lip balm Bec. Thanks for your amazing review. If you love turkish delight, you'll love the Geranium! Cheers Trace

Fresh & Gentle

White Cypress & Eucalyptus is absolutely divine. It’s very fresh smelling but still very impactful. This scent is only released seasonally, so make sure you buy some when it’s in stock.

Hey Bec, thanks for your fab review and ongoing support! Hopefully I'll relaunch this one this winter. Cheers Trace