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So handy!

Love this applicator, I live in a town that is cold most of the year and my deodorant can be hard to get out. This little guy has made life so much easier for me. Thank you!

*NEW* 60g - Bicarb FREE Natural Deodorant Tube - Lemongrass, Lime & Patchouli

Fantastic product!
Super easy to use and fits perfectly in my handbag.
Another win from Natural Approach.
I've never had a reaction from any of these products.
Thank you so much.

New Deodorant Tube

I've had the opportunity to use the new deodorant tube and it's wonderful. Smells so good, and easy to use..simply divine.

Great effective product

I bought this to try because I get bad rashes each time my period comes. After applying it once the rash was much better and after the second application it was pretty much gone. It has a nice smell too.

Peppermint, Spearmint & Tea Tree Natural Deodorant

I've been using Natural Approach deodorants for 4 years now. I purchased my first tin at a market in Renmark SA. I always had an annoying red itchy blotch near the crease of my armpits, I had tried sensitive roll-on deodorants but nothing relieved the itch. When I stopped at the stall selling the deodorants I thought "why not". So I gave it a try and within a week the previous itchiness was gone! A miracle! I did run out once and returned to a roll-on but the itch came back. I've made sure never to run out since, I've tried a few fragrances but the minty one is my favourite.
Well done Natural Approach.

Highly recommend

I’ve been using the tube deodorant for a few weeks and love it. It’s easy to apply and the coverage is fantastic. I exercise and sweat A LOT and this deodorant really does its job.

Soft & nourishing

The Spearmint Lip Balm is absolutely beautiful. The consistency is soft and smooth, and is long lasting. The spearmint gives it a gentle fresh flavour. A little goes a long way, ands the 10g tin lasts a long time. I’m looking forward to trying other flavours.

Fresh & Gentle

White Cypress & Eucalyptus is absolutely divine. It’s very fresh smelling but still very impactful. This scent is only released seasonally, so make sure you buy some when it’s in stock.

A great deodorant

We really like this deodorant. It is easy to apply and has a great perfume. Would recommend it to everyone. It also is very inexpensive as it last a long time. It gives value for money.

Gentle and fresh

I've been using natural approach deodorants for a while, working my way through the fragrances. I love how gentle the products are on my skin. I just started using this peppermint, spearmint and tea tree fragrance and it has a really nice fresh, crisp smell.

Peppermint, Spearmint & Tea Tree

This one is my favourite... so fresh, smells great and it really works... and it's all natural!!

love it!

I love this product so much. It smells fantastic, clean and cool. I always buy it in bulk so I don't run out and usually have a spare if I need a gift for somebody. A friend told me about Natural Approach and I continue to spread the word. Such a fantastic product and terrific customer service!
thank you x

Fresh & conscious

The peppermint, spearmint & tea-tree is super fresh for the Queensland climate I live in. I’ve been using the Natural Approach deodorants for a few years now and I love the scents, but also the environmentally conscious packaging and natural ingredients. All the stars!

Such a Great Product

I love that I can be confident that my deodorant is going to protect me on the hottest of days (and we have had lots of those), at work it is important to stay fresh and Natural Approach always does that for me. I tried a new fragrance this time and it is lovely. There is a distinct lavender scent but it isn't too strong so as to overpower. I highly recommend this product, especially if you have sensitive skin that breaks out with some products.

Still Using This ☺️

I just read the previous reviews and forgotten completely that I had posted one 3 years ago on this very product!
Though I’ve moved around since, I have always stayed loyal to Trace’s deodorant as nothing has ever remotely compared to her products and their consistency. When I use this deodorant I know for sure my body is being taken care of with natural ingredients, and I always feel great using them :)
It’s the little things like this that brings me the confidence to do the things that matter!
Thank you for taking the chance to sell your products to others, and for having the trust to continue it. I wish you ongoing happiness and success!

Lemon grass, Lime and Patchouli

I’ve been using natural approach since day one! Love several but this one is my favourite ❤️
Excellent products. Great customer service. Thank you 😊

Rosalina & Honey Myrtle

One of my favorite scents, it's soft and subtle. I've been using Natural Approach deodorant for 4 years and it ticks all my boxes, easy to apply, non greasy, smells divine and it actually works! I've tried a few other natural deodorants and nothing works as well at keeping my armpits smelling great! Customer service is outstanding. Highly recommend.

Never going back

I’ve used Natural Approach deodorants for years and I would never go back. I use the sensitive skin ones and the regular ones suit my husband who has a physical job and swears by these over ordinary anti perspirants. The scents are divine and fresh, the limited editions are always fun and the small tins are super handy for the handbag. So happy to start my tween girls on Natural Approach from the beginning too. Thanks Trace! Love your work.


Honestly the best natural deodorant I’ve used. Can do a full days labouring in the hot sun and still no smell. Have used other brands and nothing compares to this. Also the bicarb free doesn’t leave a rash like I’ve found with others. Return buyer here and wouldn’t use anything else now. Thanks for making something that actually works!

Very happy

I have been using these deodorants for some time and found that they are effective, have never caused any irritations and smell nice. I really love the Rosalina and Honey Myrtle scent. I'm sensitive to smells and find this just perfect for me.

Great product

I have been using Natural Approach deodorant for some years now & I love it. I have tried a few different fragrances but keep coming back to the lemongrass, lime & patchouli. I love the fresh fragrance & it lasts all day. Very economical as well as you only need to use a small amount.

I have been using this product for a while now and great to find something that works and to know that nothing loaded with Chemicals is going on my Skin.


I love the Lavender, Lime & Tea Tree Natural Deoderant. A little goes a long way. The smell is beautiful. And no white marks on your clothes! Recommend 100%!

Awe, thanks so much Kirsty! I'm so happy you're loving our Lavender, Lime & Tea Tree deodorant balm. Cheers Trace

Delicious smell

This deodorant smells absolutely amazing without being overpowering. It goes on super easily and feels good on your skin. It's great for sensitive skin.

So happy to know you love the Australian Rose deodorant Sarie. Thanks for your kind words. Cheers Trace

My Favourite

The lemongrass, lime and patchouli is my absolute favourite. All of the natural approach deodorants work great but this one seems to never fail me. The lemongrass scent is so fresh but not overpowering.

Thanks for your lovely review Shelley! So happy your loving our Lemongrass, Lime & Patchouli deodorant. Cheers Trace