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Simply the best deodorant 😊

I love buying an Australian made product by a family owned small business. But better still this deodorant works better than any spray or roll on and are all natural. The different scents are natural and lovely. And it’s so much more environmentally friendly. Thanks Tracy 💐

Great Products

Very happy with these.

Bicarb FREE - Peppermint, Spearmint & Tea Tree - Natural Deodorant

I love all your deodorants Trace. I always order the bundle pack because it's just so handy. Also the shipping time is really fast and I also love that you include a personally signed card and thank me for supporting your business. Thanks for caring. Linda x

Returning customer

Simply the best natural deodorant on the market.

Lip gloss and deodorant

Very happy with both products.

Never use another deodorant again

I have been using Natural Approach Natural Deodorant for several years now. I love the variety of scents and the Bicarb Free options are amazing.
I've used these during workouts, on tropical, humid holidays, and in the heat of summer in Mildura, and they work amazingly - keeping me fresh and smelling amazing every day.
I love that I can purchase three tins of different scents each time, and this lasts me for so long.
Highly recommended

Natural Australian Bentonite Clay - 40 grams

Will never change!

Love this product, have been using for 3 years and will never change!

Thanks for your kind words Adele and ongoing support. So happy you're loving our natural deodorants. Trace xx

Winter Fragrance.

I’m completely sold on Natural Approach deodorant and have enjoyed every fragrance so far. This one seems perfect for winter- cool, crisp and clean. It’s great and very suitable for guys as well. Thank you for an amazing product.

Thanks so much for your lovely review Anne. So happy you're enjoying our range of deodorants including the new scent. Trace xx

Minty fresh

This fragrance is one of my favourites, especially for work. It is fresh and zesty and keeps the BO away - even after a busy 8hr nursing shift

Thanks so much for your kind words Ash. So good to hear it's keeping you fresh at work. Cheers Trace xx


Love the deodorants, no nasty ingredients to worry about and love the smell. will continue to use.
Many thanks Trace.

Thanks for your ongoing support and lovely feedback Paul. We appreciate you! Cheers Trace xx

No BO!

I play womens AFL and Netball, I am a busy mum with kids sport and work as a Nurse, and I don’t have BO. I didn’t like the “fake” smells of conventional deodorants, they just make BO worse, and don’t help your skin either. Also ethical packaging and waste is a bonus. I don’t know what to say, I love this deodorant I won’t use anything else!

Hey Adele, I really appreciate you taking the time to leave such a fab review! So happy you're loving our deodorants and it's keeping you fresh with such a busy lifestyle. Thanks for your ongoing support. Cheers Trace xx

Goodbye Stinky Pits - Hello fresh breezy armpits!

This pack allows you to try ALL the deodorants and see which smell/s you like the best. Putting on the deodorant is so soothing and soft, and dries really well into the skin! Highly recommend the Mega Pack for trying a bit of everything!

Love this! Thanks for your kind words Ivy-Rose. So happy you're enjoying the mega pack. Cheers Trace xx

Love this applicator!

I love using this applicator! It is so easy to use and stops me from losing deodorant under my nails, so I can get the most out of ever scoop. Definitely recommend this for easy application of these lovely natural deodorants.

Stoked you're loving the reusable applicator Jezz! Thanks so much for letting me know. I appreciate you feedback. Cheers Trace xx

Highly recommend

I have been utilising the products for three weeks now and am very happy. I have had no issues with the products on my skin and have been smelling delicious.

Thanks so much for your fab review Cheyenne. Great to know the Sensitive Range is working well for you & you're smelling delicious! Cheers Tarce xx

Another great scent 💖

I’m working my way through all of these deodorants and Vanilla is another beautiful scent. I love them all!

Lovely smell

This lovely smelling deodorant works really well and doesn't irritate my super sensitive skin at all.

Peppermint Natural Deodorant

Mail order system is economical and efficient.
Have used these products for a number of years now and they function very well in a hot, dry climate.

Absolutely Love

I have sensitive skin and react to spray on deodorants. These are perfect for me! They smell amazing and work!

Just the best.

Thank you Trace and Natural Approach for this wonderful product. I have had 100% success with this and could not be happier. So you so much XX

50g - Unscented - Natural Deodorant

Thanks for your 5 star review Stuart! Cheers Trace

My favourite!

I love all the scents, but if I had to choose, this one would be my favourite. But you can't go wrong with any of them. They all smell amazing. xx

Awe, thanks so much for your lovely review and ongoing support Dav. It's greatly appreciated. Cheers Trace xx

I feel safe

My favourite Deo, bergamot, grapefruit & lime, soft & subtle aroma, I feel I am nurturing myself every time I use it x

Thanks for your lovely feedback Trudie. So happy you're loving this scent in our range. I appreciate your ongoing support. Cheers Trace xx

Great product

Have been using your product for a few years now. Love it

Hey Christine, thanks so much for your fab feedback and ongoing support. It's greatly appreciated. Cheers Trace xx

Natural Approach deodorant

Love natural approach products! Always reliable products and quick delivery service! Have been using them for a few years now and would not buy anything else!

Awe, thanks so much Shane. So glad to know you love our products and are happy with our service. Thanks for your ongoing support. Cheers Trace xx