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Our 'Regular' deodorant contains 100% naturally derived ingredients for a fresh and confident day. It's powered by organic bicarb soda, a natural odour neutraliser. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend starting with our 'Sensitive' range, featuring gentle magnesium hydroxide for effective odor protection.

I sweat a lot. Will this work for me?

Our deodorants work by eliminating odour causing bacteria with our naturally derived antibacterial ingredients. While it won’t stop you sweating (an essential bodily function), it will stop you smelling funky.

Does it rub into hairy armpits?

Yes of course! It rubs on clear and easily into hairy armpits. Think of it like a moisturiser.

I have sensitive skin, should I use this?

Some people may find bicarbonate soda (baking soda, bicarb) a little irritating on sensitive skin. While we have added soothing ingredients such as shea butter and beeswax, sometimes it can still be unsuitable. As a result, we have introduced a 'Sensitive Body' range which is very gentle and still works a treat! The bicarb has been replaced with magnesium hydroxide, which is a wonderful, gentle, naturally derived deodoriser.

If you're unsure what will suit your body, it's a great idea to do a small patch test prior to use. As with any skin care products, if you do experience any irritation, please discontinue use, and feel free to get in touch.

How do I apply it?

Simply scoop out a tiny pea-size amount of deodorant balm for each armpit and massage into your clean, dry armpit until it's fully absorbed. Some people use their fingertips, while others prefer to use a reusable deodorant applicator (especially people with long fingertips).

We recommend applying it before you get dressed and wait a few moments for it to fully absorb before putting your clothes on. If you’re extra sweaty and stinky you can apply it at night before bed too.

Remember: LESS IS BEST! 

And, as with all skincare, we recommend a patch test before use.