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Where it all began....



For as long as I can remember I struggled with excessive sweating and undesirable body odour. I tried everything I could get my hands on, but nothing seemed to work. I STILL smelt funky!

This is the story of how natural deodorant changed my life....

I was just 9 years old, after a hot summers’ day in the playground, when I noticed sweat and a funky smell coming from my armpits. I immediately felt confused and embarrassed, and started asking myself an array of questions:

  • ​How could my armpits smell so bad? 
  • What if my friends noticed? 
  • Would I be known as ‘the stinky kid’? 

I smelt...FUNKY!!

​Little did I know this was the onset of puberty! 

​I convinced my mum to buy me a can of Impulse deodorant I had seen advertised on TV, hoping it would mask the terrible odour. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my saving grace…...

​I continued to struggle, year in year out, with the amount of sweat and odour that would emanate from my body. Undesirable body odour would even embed into my t-shirts and I eventually had to throw them away.

​It became an embarrassing burden in my life and crushed my self-confidence.

I will never forget when an older male friend of the family said, “I think you need to change your deodorant, yours is a little stale!” and handed me a can of men’s antiperspirant deodorant. I politely accepted it and slid out the door, red faced, how awkward!!

​After trying every deodorant, antiperspirant, crystal, and aluminium infused body odour eater on the market, I started asking myself different questions. I wondered:

  • ​What effect are these chemically laden products having on my body? 
  • Should I resort to surgery and have my sweat glands blocked? 
  • If I had the surgery, where would that sweat go?

​I cringed at these thoughts....

​Finally, I came across natural deodorant and loved the idea of making my own. 

I was super excited at the thought of an all-natural, safe product! I loved the idea of selecting my own ingredients, knowing where they came from, and making my own blend of essential oils. So, I decided to play around in my kitchen in the hope of making my own deodorant that works!

​After several attempts, blood, sweat (of course), and tears, and the use of my friends and family’s armpits (they all got a tin for Christmas!!), I was over the moon that I had made my own body odour eating, life changing, natural deodorant I called ‘Natural Approach’.

I had found my saving grace. ​It has changed my life!

​My once undesirable body odour has GONE, and my self-confidence has soared. While I still sweat a little (which is essential), I am also able to wear what I want without worrying about huge sweat marks and smelly armpits.

And I love knowing that when I use Natural Approach deodorant, the ingredients are safe, smell amazing and are highly effective. 

​So now I want to share it with YOU. 

I hope you LOVE using Natural Approach deodorant as much as I do and feel fresh and confident.

Trace xxoo

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