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Where it all began....



I will never forget the day when a friend of the family said, “I think you need to change your deodorant, yours is a little stale,” and handed me a can of men’s antiperspirant. I politely accepted it and slid out the door red faced, how awkward!!

Since the age of 9 I suffered from excessive sweating and undesirable body odour. It was an embarrassing burden and really affected my self-confidence.

I tried everything I could get my hands on, but nothing seemed to work. I still smelt funky! Undesirable body odour would even embed in my t-shirts and I eventually had to throw them away.

After trying every deodorant, antiperspirant, crystal, and aluminium infused body odour eater I could find, I wondered:

  • Why can’t I find a product that works?
  • Should I resort to surgery and have my sweat glands blocked?
  • If I had surgery, where would that sweat go?

Ewwww, I cringed at these thoughts.

Finally, I came across natural deodorant and I loved the idea of using natural ingredients on my skin. Research had taught about the potential risks of using harsh synthetic chemicals and it was at that point I asked myself:

  • What the heck WAS I putting on my body?
  • What effect are these chemically laden products having on my health?

However, the natural products I had tried just didn’t work. I then gave myself a challenge to formulate my own natural product that WOULD work. So, I started playing around in my kitchen in the hope of making my own natural body odour eater.

After several attempts, trials and tribulations I couldn’t believe it, my homemade deodorant finally WORKED. My undesirable body odour was GONE! I could wear what I wanted without huge sweat marks or smelly armpits.

I then went on to study natural skincare formulation to ensure I was undertaking best practice.

What began in my kitchen as a desperate attempt to resolve my own sense of personal shame about my body odour, has morphed into a thriving business helping men and women Australia wide care for their body with confidence.

And now I want to share it with you!

I LOVE knowing that when I use Natural Approach deodorant balm:

  • The formulation is safe
  • I know where the ingredients came from, and
  • They are highly effective!!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Trace xxoo