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Is Your Washing Machine Making You Stink?

You've done the washing, your clothes still smell and now YOU smell too. Where's it all going wrong? Okay, okay. Before the stress sweats begin, let's start at the beginning...

We've all had that realisation. You've been hanging out the washing and noticed a funky smell also hanging around in the air. But your clothes just came out of the wash. Did they get this stench from the washing machine? Hold on, our washing machines are one of the cleanest places possible...they just have soapy water running through them all the time, right?


Time to get down and dirty

So our washing machines clean the dirt off of our clothes. And that dirt goes where exactly?

Okay, now it's making more sense.

Washing machines can easily collect dirt, and over time even produce a visible build-up of debris and soap residue around its seals (yuck). Everything spinning around can accumulate and make for one hell of an environment for all sorts of bacteria to thrive. Not really a place you want to be washing your clothes in now, hey?

That's why it's recommended to give your washing machine its own sparkling wash at least once a month. And don't worry, there's some amazing natural tips and tricks to giving to giving your washing machine a spotless clean (see tips below).

But to something even more important first; something that you're probably looking over:

So, you've cleaned out your machine, you hang your washing and there's no yucky smells (congratulations, you've cleaned your machine like a pro), but then why do you still feel like you're smelling more than usual throughout the day?

Well, some of your shirts are perfect breeding grounds for odour-causing bacteria, no matter how well you think you've washed them.


That top sure looks cute on you, but it certainly doesn't smell it

Choosing the right materials to wear can make a HUGE difference to how you smell. Yep, that's right.

Now, what's great about synthetic fabrics? They make you feel so dry, it's like the sweat never touched your skin, right?! And yes, synthetic fabrics are great at wicking moisture off your skin. But: this is exactly what's making you stink.

Synthetic fabrics are made up of tiny, tiny notches that collect sweat from the inside of the clothing. And what do we know about little nooks and crannies like this - they're the perfect places for bacteria to thrive (AKA - the stench you're smelling).

So where to now? Well, it's time to invest in some natural fibres.

Research suggests that natural fabrics, like cotton and linen, don't hold on to smell like their synthetic counterparts. Instead, they are incredibly breathable - allowing moisture to escape your skin (and they do still absorb some of the moisture on your skin, bonus!). Plus, natural fabrics aren't a breeding ground for bacteria. Hallelujah.

Fabrics like cotton, linen, bamboo, wool or even a blend of natural and synthetic fibres will get you on your way to effective odour control.


Keepin' it natural

Alright, time for some life-changing, odour-preventing tips for your washing machine. 

 TIP #1: Leave your washing machine lid/door open after every load of washing

Honestly, it's crazy how simple and effective this tip is. Simply leaving the door open for a few hours allows moisture to escape and may help to destroy the bacteria-loving environment.


TIP #2: Run the washing machine with baking soda 

I mean, it pretty much looks like detergent anyway. Sprinkle half a cup of baking soda directly into the washing machine and run it on the highest and hottest settings.


TIP #3: Really get in there with some white vinegar 

Add some white vinegar to a spray bottle and then have a scrubbing field day. Spray the door (inside and out), the seals around the door (important), the detergent dispenser, even all the knobs - just seriously get in there. White vinegar is incredible at cutting through residue, water stains and all that build-up we talked about.


And there you have it. No need to be sad and blame yourself for body odour. It's not even you! It's about minimising the chance for odour-causing bacteria to thrive in the wrong environments. Sometimes it's the simple switches that make all the difference.


So, as always, sweat smart - do it naturally.


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