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Basic Fizzy Bath Bombs

🌹 Indulge your senses with this simple DIY Bath Bomb recipe.

Who doesn't LOVE a warm soak in the tub...even better if you can add a fizzing bath bomb! These beauties make cute little gifts for your bestie, your mum, or yourself and they're so easy to make.


▫ Latex gloves
▫ Bowl
▫ Silicon muffin cups or ice cube tray
▫ Digital scales


▫ 250g Bicarbonate soda
▫ 120g Citric acid
▫ 25g Carrier oil (almond oil or sunflower oil)
▫ 20 drops of your favourite essential oil (Lavender, Geranium, Sweet orange)
▫ Handful of dried, chopped up rose petals (optional)


1. Combine the bicarbonate soda and citric acid.

2. Add the essential oils and mix with your fingertips (wearing gloves).

3. Add a tiny amount of carrier oil at a time, and quickly mix it in with your fingertips (it will start to fizz if you don't mix it quickly enough or add too much).

4. Mix until it has a wet sand-like consistency.

5. Place the rose petals at the bottom of the muffin cups.

6. Add the mixture to the cups and press down firmly.

7. Let the bath bombs dry for approximately 24 hours, or until they are firm to touch.

8. Carefully remove the bath bombs from their cups and package in compostable cello wrap for gifts, or an air tight container for personal use.


Simply place one bath bomb in your bath to delight your senses!


🤍 You can add a few drops of food colouring after adding the oils if desired.

🤍 Silicon muffin cups available from AS&CO Gracefully Green.

🤍 Please be careful when adding the liquid/oil. If you add too much at once it can fizz prematurely. Be sure to mix it in quickly and wear gloves.

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