100% Pure Australian Rose Essential Oil

Photo credit: Essentially Australia

Botanical name: Leptospermum petersonii Variety ‘B’ CT ‘Geraniol’

Other common names: Rose scented Tea Tree

Country of Origin: Australia

Plant part: Leaves and green branchlets

Method of extraction: Steam distilled.

Scent: A beautiful, grounding, calming, rosy perfume aroma with a fresh fruity note. 

Properties: Grounding and calming, boosts self-confidence, creates happiness, relieves stress.

Natural Occurrence in Australia: "The tree is extremely rare, and naturally occurs in only a few hectares in lowland floodplain country, in northern NSW.  Australian Rose grows to a maximum height of 10 metres in the wild where there is high and regular rainfall, preferring rocky and alluvial soils" (Essentially Australia).

Function in deodorant: natural fragrance, deodorising.

Supplier: Essentially Australia