100% Pure Eucalyptus Australiana Essential Oil

Botanical name: Eucalyptus radiata 

Other common names: Narrow Leaf Peppermint, Australian Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus radiata Sieber ex DC. 

Country of Origin: Australia

Plant part: Leaves and branchlets. 

Method of extraction: Steam distillation of the leaves and green branchlets. 

Scent: Sharp and fresh scent with a sweet fruity undertone. It has a far more elegant, attractive and pleasant aroma than regular supermarket eucalyptus oils. 

Properties: Uplifting, fruity, earthy fresh scent. 

Natural Occurrence in Australia: "Eucalyptus Australiana naturally occurs in the Eucalyptus forests of south eastern New South Wales and north east Victoria, including the Snowy mountains. The tree is relatively common in these areas. It grows in altitudes from around 250 metres to 1200 metres.

Eucalyptus radiata grows in an especially large area around the Tumut and Batlow region, on the very footsteps of the Australian Alps. Frosts are common and snow can also occur in the habitat of this variety of Eucalyptus." (Essentially Australia).

Function in deodorant: natural fragrance, deodorising.

Supplier: Essentially Australia