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50g - Fragrance Free - Natural Deodorant

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If you're in the market for a fragrance-free natural deodorant, we've got a fantastic option for you! It does contain beeswax, which lends a subtle and delightful 'honey' aroma.

✺ All natural ✺ Cruelty-free ✺ No Toxic Chemicals




If you're in the market for a fragrance-free natural deodorant, we've got a fantastic option for you! It does contain beeswax, which lends a subtle and delightful 'honey' aroma.


Please note: We are in the process of changing our current 'Unscented' labels to our new 'Fragrance Free' labels. You may receive an 'Unscented' label. the product is still the same.

Why you'll love it
  • Highly effective odour protection.
  • Easy to apply and absorbs quickly.
  • 100% naturally derived ingredients.
  • Over 80% certified organic ingredients.
  • Infinitely reusable & recyclable screw-top tin.
  • Plastic free.
  • No animal testing.
  • 30 Day 100% Risk Free Guarantee.
  • Lovingly handcrafted in Australia. 
How To Use

1. Scooping Out the Deodorant:

  • Some people like to scoop out their deodorant with an applicator, while others prefer using their clean, dry fingertips.
  • For those who prefer a tool, choose from our Deodorant Applicators.

2. Application Steps:

  • Simply scoop out a tiny 'pea' size amount of deodorant with your fingertip or applicator.
  • Massage the deodorant into your clean, dry armpit.
  • Allow it to absorb into your skin before putting on your clothes.

3. Remember: LESS IS BEST!

  • Our 15-gram tins contain 3-4 weeks worth of application, while our 50-gram tins contain around 3 months' worth of (based on one application per day).
  1. Healthier Ingredients: Our natural deodorant is crafted with safe, non-toxic ingredients, reducing the risk of skin irritation and potential health concerns associated with synthetic chemicals.
  2. Gentle on Sensitive Skin: Our natural deodorant often uses hypoallergenic ingredients, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.
  3. Effective Odor Protection: Despite its natural ingredients, our deodorant provides reliable and long-lasting odor protection, keeping you fresh throughout the day.
  4. Transparent Ingredient Lists: Customers can easily understand the ingredients in our natural deodorant, promoting transparency and trust in the product they apply to their skin.
  5. Appealing Fragrances from Essential Oils: Our natural deodorant incorporates pleasant scents from essential oils, offering a more natural and inviting fragrance compared to synthetic perfumes.
30 Day Risk Free Guarantee

We respond to all customer inquiries within 24 hours. 

30 Day 100% Risk Free Guarantee

We want you to love our deodorants as much as we do. And we'd love you to keep coming back for more....and tell your friends about us!

So, if for any reason you're not happy with our deodorant, and you've purchased it within the last 30 days get in touch. Whether we refund you, exchange the product or provide credit towards your next deodorant, we're here to help.

Please email us at: as we do really want you to be 100% happy and sort it out quickly.

Product information

Search below for answers to your questions. Can't find what you're looking for? Email Trace at for more help.


I have just started using natural deodorant and still notice a bit of odour, why?

Some people experience a 'transitioning period' when making the switch to natural deodorant. This has also been called the 'detox process'.

It's a short 2-4 week period where your body gets rid of the toxins it once held. Especially if you were using products such as antiperspirants which are designed to block your sweat glands. When you stop using them, you may sweat more and notice more body odour than usual. 

However, as everyone's body chemistry is so different, you may or may not even notice body odour. If you do, here's a few tips to help speed up your body’s natural detoxification process:

  • Take your natural deodorant with you and reapply if needed.
  • Use a loofah or body brush in the shower and gently exfoliate your armpits.
  • Avoid wearing synthetic clothing as studies suggest it breeds odour causing bacteria!
  • Apply a natural clay mask to your armpits at least once per week for a couple of weeks. We LOVE the Raw Bentonite Clay Mask from The Bentonite Co, which is 100% Australian Bentonite Clay sourced from a deposit near Lake Mungo, NSW. And, if you have any left over you can use it as a face-mask!

How do I apply natural deodorant balm?

Simply scoop out a tiny pea-size amount of deodorant balm for each armpit and massage into your clean, dry armpits until it's fully absorbed.

Some people simply use their fingers, but others prefer to use a reusable deodorant applicator to scoop out their deodorant before applying.

We also recommend applying your deodorant before you get dressed and wait a few moments for it to fully absorb before putting your clothes on. 

And remember: LESS IS BEST! 

I have sensitive skin, which deodorant should I use?

Some people may find bicarbonate soda (baking soda, bicarb) a little irritating. While we have added soothing ingredients such as shea butter and beeswax, sometimes it can still be unsuitable for sensitive skin. As a result, we have introduced a 'Sensitive Body' range which is very gentle and still works a treat! The bicarb has been replaced with magnesium hydroxide which is a wonderful, gentle, naturally derived deodoriser.

On the other hand, some people prefer to avoid essential oils for various reasons. We have an Unscented option available which includes bicarb soda.

If you're unsure what will suit your body, it's a great idea to do a small patch test prior to use. As with any skin care products, if you do experience any irritation, please discontinue use and feel free to get in touch.

Do you test on animals?

Our products never have and never will be tested on furry animals....just smelly humans!

I have hairy armpits can I use it?

Yes of course! It rubs on clear and easily into hairy armpits.

Will it leave stains on my clothes?

As with any product, if you apply too much the excess may transfer onto your clothes and leave a darker patch which will generally come off in the wash. 

Therefore LESS IS BEST when applying Natural Approach deodorant. You only need to massage a tiny amount into each armpit. Make sure it absorbs into the skin before popping your clothes on and you should have no issues.

We also don't recommend wearing our deodorants with silk, just in case.

​Um, there's lumps in my deodorant, is this normal?

Yes, completely normal!

Shea butter contains high amounts of fatty acids each with its own melting point. When these fatty acids cool they also solidify at different rates. If the deodorant is cooled slowly (i.e. room temperature), the fatty acids can stay separate causing a lumpy texture also referred to as crystallisation.

To avoid crystallisation when making the deodorant, we quickly cool it to maintain the ‘marriage’ between solid and liquid components.  However, if down the track the deodorant reaches temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius, it can soften and cool slowly causing crystallisation (lumps). These lumps will not affect the effectiveness of your product as they will easily melt in your fingertips ready for application!

​Can I use the deodorant as a general moisturiser?

Yes of course.

You can pretty much use it anywhere as a moisturiser, although we don't  recommend putting it on your face if you have acne prone skin. If any irritation occurs, please discontinue use.

​​Can I put it on my smelly feet?

Most definitely! Many people use 'Cool Change' because of it's slight cooling effect.

Just remember LESS IS BEST. The odour eating ingredients will have your feet smelling fab in no time.

​Will my deodorant liquefy in hot weather?

No it won't liquefy, it just softens. 

Being an all natural product, you'll notice our deodorant is softer in warmer climates and firmer in cooler climates. In summer try and store it below 30 degrees C. You can pop it in the fridge to firm it up if desired.

During winter if it's too firm you can use a small wooden spatula to scoop out the deodorant. It will melt easily between your fingertips for application. 

​​I've heard it can help eczema, is that true?

We've had lots of feedback from people who have used the 'Lavender, Lime & Tea Tree' deodorant as a barrier cream to assist in relieving their eczema which is very interesting. After further research we found that shea butter and lavender have been widely used and known to provide relief. However, please note, our deodorants are not therapeutic goods or medicines that can heal these types of issues. 

Can kids and teenagers use Natural Approach deodorant?

We test our products on adults, not children. However, we have many pre-teens and teenagers use it with great feedback.

Does my deodorant have an expiry date?

Natural Approach deodorant balms are anhydrous (oil-based) and don't contain water. For this reason they are not prone to microbial contamination, which is the reason why we don't add any preservatives.
However, we do add an antioxidant (natural Vitamin E) to extend their shelf life. The antioxidant slows down the oxidation process, as oxidation can cause the essential oils to go rancid.

Therefore, for best results, we recommend you use your Natural Approach deodorant balm within 12 months of opening your tin. 😊

​What are your tins made of?

Our deodorants are hand-poured into reusable and recyclable food grade/cosmetic grade aluminium plate screw top tins.  We are keen to avoid adding more plastic to the world!

Do you offer wholesale prices?​

Yes, if your store fits our criteria.
Feel free to get in touch to discuss. Email Trace:


Store below 30 degrees Celsius, out of direct sunlight, and in a cool, dry location. Changes in temperature can alter the texture of the balm (eg. lumpy, grainy appearance), however this will not change the effectiveness of the product. The lumps will melt easily in your fingertips.


Do not use if you have allergies to any of the ingredients. Please patch test prior to use and discontinue use if irritation occurs.  If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your medical professional prior to use. This is especially important for products containing essential oils. Use product within 12 months of purchase. For external use only.

Patch test prior to use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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    Australian Made
    All Natural Ingredients
    Cruelty Free
    Australian Made
    All Natural Ingredients
    Cruelty Free
    Australian Made
    All Natural Ingredients
    Cruelty Free

    Making The Switch

    Why Go Natural

    Are you keen to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin?
    Our range of deodorants have been carefully formulated to address odour-causing bacteria at its core, with 100% naturally derived ingredients.

    They’re free from aluminium salts, synthetic fragrances, and parabens ensuring your sweat glands remain unobstructed, allowing your body to manage its temperature, as nature intended.

    Make the transition to natural deodorant today, and take a confident stride towards a healthier, happier you.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Great product every time.

    I have been using Natural Approach Deodorants for a number of years now and the dedication that the team has put towards making a sustainable product that actually works every time. I have never had any issues with Natural approach products and will continue to support their products in the future.

    Hey Katie, thanks for your kind words - we appreciate you. Stoked you're still loving our products. Cheers Trace xx

    Saba J
    Love this product

    Been using this for years now and still love using it. Apply it once per day and it never smells by the end of the day unlike many other products.

    Thanks for your fab review Saba! So happy you're still enjoying our deodorants. Cheers Trace

    Adele Johnston
    No BO!

    I play womens AFL and Netball, I am a busy mum with kids sport and work as a Nurse, and I don’t have BO. I didn’t like the “fake” smells of conventional deodorants, they just make BO worse, and don’t help your skin either. Also ethical packaging and waste is a bonus. I don’t know what to say, I love this deodorant I won’t use anything else!

    Hey Adele, I really appreciate you taking the time to leave such a fab review! So happy you're loving our deodorants and it's keeping you fresh with such a busy lifestyle. Thanks for your ongoing support. Cheers Trace xx

    Stuart Robertson

    50g - Unscented - Natural Deodorant

    Thanks for your 5 star review Stuart! Cheers Trace

    Lynette Pascoe
    Hooray for fragrance free

    I am so pleased to have found a fragrance free deodorant in a tin.